Vinten Service Information

1. EstimateTriVision, Inc. provides a pre-work estimate within 48 hours. Please call and find a rough estimate, or you can send us your equipment for a more precise estimate.
2. Labor rates
(As of May 2, 2016)
Labor rate for Vinten Camera Support Products: $130.00 per hour
Daily labor rate for On-site repair of Vinten Studio Pedestals: $1,500.00 per day
NOTE: Travelling to CA, OR, WA, NV and AZ only

We charge daily rate for the day(s) spent to visit and return.
3. Traveling expensesIf we are to fly (and stay), we will charge the net traveling costs (i.e. without any markup). If we drive, the charge is 50 cents per mile.
4. FreightWe charge net return freight if your equipment is to be sent in.You can use your own FedEx or UPS account to pay for return freight.
5 Decision not to proceedIf you decide not to proceed with the repair, we will charge $130.00 for time spent to provide the estimate and the item (s) will be returned at your expense.

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Award Winning Support

Keith Takenaka has five (5) Award from Vitec Group over the 34 years of his marketing and service efforts.   TriVision, Inc. has its own service center authorized by both Vinten and Sachtler
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